Monday, 13 July 2015

The Book Life Tag

Living inside a bookish world of your own creation is every reader's dream. I have been imagining different worlds to live in since I was five years old (my favorite was the Land of Cotton Candy and Rainbows). In this tag, I will share with you my perfect literary world from all of my favorite books.

1. Who Would your Parents be?
I would want the parents from Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella because they are so supportive of Audrey and they are present in her life and through out the book. I find that in a lot of books aimed at young adults there is not a great parental presence so It was kind of refreshing to read a book that involves them so greatly.

2.Who would be your sister?
10576365Olivia from the Covenant series would be my sister. She is so sweet and lovely but can stand up for herself so she wouldn't need too much protecting. I don't think she is too prissy and she seems like the kind of girl that I would like to hang around with. Now if you were to ask who is most like my sister that would be a different matter.

3. Who would be your Brother?
22843165Liam from the Darkest minds would be my brother. He is a leader and in my household certainly needed that when we were growing up. He is protective as big brothers should be and he is just an all round nice guy.

4. Who would be your pet?
I would have the smelly loyal dog from all it takes. Even though his owner went away for two years this dog loved him. He seems scruffy and lovely.

5. Where would you live?
Oh this is a great one. It would definitely be somewhere hot. Nothing fun happens in a cold country. I suppose I would pick Paris. The City of Love.

6. Where would you go to School? 
I guess everyone has said Hogwarts or the Vampire Academy right? I am going to be a sheep and say either Hogwarts or the Covenant so I could learn to fight the bad guys and become a Sentinel. 

7. Who would be your best friend?
Zane from true calling would be my best friend. He is so loyal to Ariana even when she doesnt know that they were together he was her best friend. He stuck by Ari through thick and thin and tried to help her however he could. I mean yeah he loves her but we all love our besties right? plus it doesn't hurt to hang out with a good looking boy.

8. Who would be your significant other?
Until the final book in divergent I would have said four because I am in love with Theo James and it would just be perfect but i went off him a little in the final book. Instead I choose Bad ass Warner from the Shatter me series. We all like a man in uniform. His morals maybe questionable but his love for Juliette is not. 

I had fun answering the questions in this tag and if you feel like doing it too then let me know so I can see your answers. 

Thanks for Reading

Em x

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Come sit by me by Thomas Hoobler

Paul transfers schools to Hamilton High after his mum died. The houses in the area because of a terrible thing that happened in the school a year before Paul arrives. A boy named Cale shot seven people in the school library but nobody ever really found out why. 
Paul gets given the shooters old locker and gets obsessive with the discovery of the reason behind the massacre.

The plot of this book really tickled my fancy. I thought the whole massacre story was a great idea and then making it a sort of a who done it was genius.
The characters were interesting, there was somebody for everyone to relate to and we kind of learn that the people that we least expect can be the bad guys.

Its a super quick speedy read because it is so interesting you get caught up in the plot and the characters. The writer had a quirky style and I rarely read books written by men so this was a great opportunity for me. 

My only negative was reading Caleb's story because of the style it was written in. The style of writing made complete sense but i found it tricky to keep up with and if he was typing on a laptop could he not have used spell check? But that aside it was interesting to have this other perspective within the book.

Over all its a thumbs up from me. 

Thanks for Reading

Em xx       . 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Virus by Mary Chapman

Virus (Shades)

This book reminded me of Matched by Ally Condie not in a copy cat way but it has the same vibe and similar world.

Everything everybody does is controlled by a computer programme and basically it goes wrong. 

We follow Penna who realises that something is wrong but doesn't really know what to do. 
Its a creepy little story about a world that isn't too difficult to imagine. Virus kind of touches upon the issues the world would face if we over populated. Somebody high up has decided that the teenagers should be killed off and sets up the virus to do so. 

I was gripped with this plot which is amazing at only 62 pages long. 

Thanks For Reading

Em x

Falling by Cat Clarke


This book was a really short read at only 72 pages which was exactly what I wanted going into this book. I dont believe I have read anything by Cat Clarke before and I did enjoy her writing style. 

I think the cover to this book is dramatic and intense and it is the main reason I picked this short read over others. I know I know don't judge a book by its cover but we all do it.

I feel that because this book was so short I don't feel like I really connected with the characters as much as I would in a full size book but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy this.
This short story is a page turner. it is obviously a one sitting book. 

I think that this is the first book I have read where the main character was struggling with her sexuality and I though the whole situation was handled beautifully. 

I can't really write a full size review for this bite sized book but I did enjoy the story.

Thanks For Reading 

Em x

Sentinel by Jennifer L armentrout

I think its safe to say that this review may have some spoilers for the other four books in the series so its probably best if you have not read them that you go do that now, All you need to know is its worth it. 

I didn't want to finish this book because I didn't want the series to end so I stalled but I finally got the courage to read to the end and that is what I call an ending! 

Aiden is an absolute gem in this book and in the whole series really. He is everything that we need him to be for Alex but he manages to still be interesting in his own right. 

I still love and hate Seth all at the same time. I found him much more tolerable in this book than I have in any of the other books and I was actually interested in his story line which is a vast improvement.

I loved that every single character was their own individual person. Each had a unique personality that you either liked or disliked. I would have loved to read more of Solos because his character was interesting and I think I would have enjoyed it but I didn't get that and that's OK because I got a whole bunch of Aiden and Apollo. 

The ending came and I couldn't believe that was how this was all ending but then it wasn't and then it kind of was. I was angry at first because I was sad and then it all kind of sorted itself out and now I am amazed that in a few pages I felt so many emotions. 
I'm sure I have said this about all of the books in the series but this was my favourite one. 

I have read a couple of reviews that slate this book for reasons such as: 
* Male gods never wear upper body clothing. - Firstly if you were a god why would you bother with t shirts? and secondly what are you winging for?
Its silly reviews like that which make people not want to read a series which is stupid.

Thanks For reading

Em xx