Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April favorites

So I have not done a favourites blog before but why not start now?


Lush brought out a great range of Easter products and I loved all of them!! I love lush products in general and enjoyed trying out these new editions.

I loved the Dove Pampering Bath Cream which made my bath feel silky and soft. I have not purchased this before and bought it for a little extra pamper. I would buy it again.

Live Color XXL Plum Perfection 47These two Items are definitely the super star items of the month for me but sadly I do have one hate. I recently dyed my hair plum using the Live  XXL Hair colour. I loved this for the first two washes and then it dramatically. This colour is supposed to be permanent definite disappointment.  


I recently reviewed the book bird box and that has to be up there with the best for my favourite April reads it was nice to read something a bit different with a lot of suspense. 

The Divergent Series - Box SetI am currently enjoying the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth and I would have loved these books if I had held off from watching the film. Having the image of the characters in my head has ruined it slightly for me but non the less I am enjoying them.

Just four products doesn't seem a lot but I am honest! 

I hope you enjoyed 

Em x

Friday, 25 April 2014

Five hates Friday!!

Lots of people are thanking god its Friday but not me. I work every other weekend and so Fridays make me a miserable person.
So i have created a list of five things I hate to cheer myself up :) Here goes:

1. The obvious - Being in work on a Friday! when everybody else is off especially when the sun is shining and its BBQ weather ( Not very often in the UK)

2. When I forget to record my favourite TV shows. I hate missing an episode of anything.
3. Marmite! - Its disgusting it tastes like tar or something else horrid.
4. Scary films - I just cant cope with anything scary at all. My mind plays tricks and I cant sleep for days 
5. last but not least and a hate I share with lots of people - SPIDERS.

Em x

Friday, 18 April 2014

Excited about silly things

I didn't realise that some of the things I get excited about are not things normal people get excited about.

This week I dedicated a few hours to buying suitcase for my up and coming holidays. I was sooo excited! I dragged Jon along so that he could pick out his own suitcase and to put it mildly he was not really the least bit interested. I spent ages deciding between a pink or purple case, I was picking them up and rolling them around the shop to make sure I picked the most perfect case for me. I thought this was something everyone would get excited about but no, Jon picked out a blue case and took it to the till. He did not even look at another case!! Maybe Its just me or maybe its a girl thing. 

I found a lovely place to walk the dog and was excited to take him to paddle in the stream and to run in the fields and enjoy the lovely sunshine. This too did not excite any of my friends!

I have come to the conclusion I am either over excitable or everyone else is miserable!

What gets you excited?

Em x


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How great is Divergent?

I have seen the Divergent books in W H Smiths and didn't really fancy them. I am currently reading two books at once and I have not really been shopping around for another to add the my ever growing read list.

Me and my friend went to the cinema and we unsure on what to watch, the next film showing was Divergent and I am so glad it was. 

Set in post apocalyptic Chicago this film adds a new twist. People are split into groups (fractions) by human qualities they possess ie: caring or clever. This film stars Shailene Woodley as Tris and The very attractive Theo James as four. Both character have very strong personalities and compliment each other excellently. 

I loved the girl power in this film with lots of the fighting Tris kicks ass (with a little help from four). Tris is feisty and strong willed which I am sure a lot of girls will relate to. 

The film also has a sort of underlying moral of be yourself. 

I loved this film and it was the best film I have seen since the first Hunger Games movie! 

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Em x 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Missing in action

So recently I have not been here blogging for you guys at all! and I mean nothing!. I have today thought oh my god its been weeks since I checked my email let alone did anything else.

I have been working 50 hours a week and trying to get our wedding invites written and sent out (which I still have not managed). I have been putting in extra training time with the doggie and that has been paying off. 

I have just been a busy bee in general and for that I am sorry but I promise there will be lots of good stuff soon.

Em x

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Only Published in March this year Bird Box and is Josh Malerman's Debut Novel.

This book has a very interesting plot: Humans are dying because there are new "creatures" inhabiting the earth. One look at these creatures and people go mad! I liked the idea of this story before I started it but I did not know how addictive reading Bird Box would be. From start to finish I have been impatiently waiting for quiet moments to pick up this amazing book. The writing style is just my cup of tea its not too descriptive that it prevents me from using my own imagination and it would be a brilliant book to take if you had a long plane journey because it is just so addictive. 

The characters and their stories are very believable I began to really feel for Malorie and the children. Living the life that they were must have been very hard work. I love the bond that forms between Malorie and Tom and even though there is no real suggestion of a relationship, I believe there were feelings between the two at least.

This book left me terrified. Its not very often that I get the creeps from a book but this one had me wishing I had blankets over my windows like the characters in the book. In a situation like this I just don't think I would survive. Personally I enjoyed that the Creatures were not described at all in the book, Their presence was terrifying enough and I was able to imagine the most terrifying creature of all. I don't think that every single detail needs to be explained because it keeps you questioning and thinking about the book which is brilliant. 

Bird Box has a sort of happy ending which allows you to relax (which you will realise you have not done since you started reading). Knowing that Malorie and the children are going to be looked after makes everything else that happened OK. 
There will be a movie brought out based on Bird Box, Usually I do not enjoy a movie that is based on a book I have read because things get missed but I think that this book will make for an amazingly spooky movie. 

I would definitely suggest giving Bird Box a go and seeing what you think you can buy the book here:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0007529872?tag=promouk-21 
Its possible that this book alone will make you go a little bit mad! I have not stopped talking about it! 

Go get the book and let me know what you think!!

Em x