Monday, 24 March 2014

Review: Broken Silence Natasha Preston

This is the second book in the silence series by Natasha Preston If you wish to read my review on the first book which I obviously recommend you read first then here it is. Broken Silence cost just £1.19 for the kindle through Amazon and considering that the first book was free and leaves you needing to read the second, is quite the bargain.

I will keep it short because I don't want to give too much away. I enjoyed this book because I was able to experience Oakley in a new way as she can talk. This opens up a few new pathways for the story and I enjoyed it. Its definitely the happy ending that I did not think the characters were going to get.

Overall this series has been a refreshing change from vampires and werewolves and I enjoyed the new pace of the story. 

I hope that you enjoy this book should you choose to read it. If you have already read this book then let me know what you thought!

Em x

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Review: Silence by Natasha Preston

So I wanted to start off by saying that I got this book for my kindle from Amazon. It was a free book and you can find it here if you want to give it a read yourself.
I don't normally read the reviews that are posted on Amazon but I noticed that people had posted a lot of negative reviews for this book. There seemed to be two main problems so I just wanted to cover those quickly.

Firstly people were complaining that there were too many Americanism in the book when the story is supposed to be set in England. There are a couple, Oakley has a sweet sixteen and also visits a mall, I will admit that to me these things are american but who knows if some people in the UK have a sweet 16 or not? These terms are only mentioned once or twice and they are completely unimportant to the story that is about so much more than a party.

The second "complaint" that people had was the character descriptions. A few reviews said that there was not enough depth to the descriptions. I do not get this at all!! I love how the story focusses on Oakley and Cole as that is what matters. I'm not saying that the rest of the characters are not important but we don't need to know what colour earrings they are wearing or whatever.
Personally I enjoy having the freedom to use my imagination to view the characters in my head (maybe that's just me). 

So rant over what did I think of the book? 

Usually I hate romance books especially ones aimed at young adults but I am not 100% sure that I would class this book as a romance because there is so much more to this story.I found this book beautiful, Sad, Intriguing and Bitter sweet. The connection between Cole and Oakley was lovely and believable from the start.

This is one of the only books that I have enjoyed every single page without getting bored. 
I am in love with this book.

Em x

Monday, 17 March 2014

My Blogging Journey

When I started blogging I just wanted somewhere that I could focus myself when things were getting on top of me. My blog has certainly done that and much much more. 

As most of you reading this are bloggers yourselves you are probably thinking well Duh!! but for the few (if any ) that are reading this at the first steps of their journey then this is why i commit to writing.

I have been lucky enough to work with and review some amazing products and I hope to continue to work with companies in the future. I do not do this for profit and do not get paid for writing reviews (although I am aware that some bloggers get to do what they love for a living). I do this because I love it. 
I have learnt so much since I started reading blogs that I amazed at how clever and talented some people are. I love reading Do it your self tips, Make up tutorials, Hair tutorials and Craft blogs. 
I love writing blogs about things that I am excited about and the fact that you guys read them gets me really excited. I get excited with every new follower on Bloglovin and with every new view I get on my blog. 

I feel like I am getting more confidence with my writing and I hope that this shows. In the future I hope that blogging will gain me not only followers but new friends. 
As always thanks for reading

Em x

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Honeymoon Booked!


On Thursday morning both me and Jon (My FiancĂ©e) were off work and a little bit bored. After a morning of pottering around doing a little bit more than nothing we decided we wanted to get something done. 

What better than booking our honeymoon? I cant think of anything better to do than going to book the holiday of a lifetime (hopefully). We had already discussed where we would like to go. We had considered sunny, beachy, seaside places but we are visiting Barbados in November which is only 6 months before my honeymoon so we set our hearts on:

So we took a little trip to price it up. We were unsure f we were too early to book for May 2015 or not but we popped into Thomas Cook and enquired. The lady we spoke to was amazing she explored lots of options for us and helped us decide what we wanted. 

In the end we decided on the Art of Animation resort with the Disney Dining plan and a Limo transfer. We had to wait to book the dining plan so at the moment we just have the accommodation and the flights booked and we can add on the tickets and the dining plan when it becomes available ( end of April).

I have treated myself to the Walt Disney World Unofficial Guide and wow there is a lot of pages to get through but it is so far an easy and interesting read.  

Have any of you ever honeymooned in Disneyworld? I would love to hear about it.

Em x

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wedding Centre peices!!

So we have been looking for centre pieces for our tables at the wedding for a long time and originally
we were looking at candelabras but there was a little bit too much going on the table and with Jon being a fireman he didn't really approve of the giant candles in the middle of the tables.
We went to a professional table dresser who we had met at a wedding fayre and she quoted £18.50 per table for a tacky martini glass with fake crystals at the bottom. I hated them and I think that it is ridiculous to pay £185 for ten tacky tables.
I am sure that centre pieces are not normally difficult to decide on for most people. But for me I have found it so terribly difficult to decide what I wanted because lots of the ideas I have seen online are floral or involve flowers in some way and as I'm not the biggest fan of flowers (weird I know). 
I was looking for something simple and pretty but that doesn't draw all the attention away from the food or the other guests.
We went with Large fish bowls with a submergible candle, Blue stones and floating candles on top.
So this is what we plan to do (please excuse the glass it needs a clean) but the bowls cost us £40 for 12 from a florist supply store  and that price includes delivery. We thought this was a great deal and we love the way that the bowls look.
What do you think?
Em x 

Review: Harringtons pet food


A few weeks ago the lovely people at Harringtons Pet food sent me some of their puppy food to try with my puppy Louis.
Harringtons food is available in the UK and now available in France too in both 2kg and 10kg bags.
Harringtons Turkey & Rice Dry Puppy Food - 10kg
The packaging is really lovely and say that is goo for a whole bunch of different things:
* Healthy Immune System
*Healthy Digestion
*Reduces Flatulent Odours 
and much more.
The ingredients are readily available either on the packaging or on the Harringtons website (Link to website) which is great because many of the other brands that are available in supermarkets do not offer this information easily. The ingredients are all natural and the food smells better than any other dog food I have ever smelt.
Those things are great but what I liked most was that these products are free from any artificial products that we probably shouldn't be giving to our pets. 
Now I wanted to wait before I reviewed this product to see what Louis really thinks. He LOVES this puppy food. Before we tried Harringtons we were worried that Louis was never finishing a bowl of food but now he is digging in his food bowl trying to find more even after he has had his daily amount. He has begun to sit by the food cupboard when he knows it is dinner time which he never did before and he just seems much more excited about feeding time, Personally that's all the review I need. 
This food is so reasonably priced it is actually cheaper than the food we were using before. I will not be going back we will continue to buy Harringtons food.
Its a 10/10 from Louis and a 10/10 from me! good job the lovely Harrington Folk for creating such a yummy puppy food.
Em and Louis x

Friday, 7 March 2014


Hi Guys so this is a bit of a rant so if that turns you off don't carry on reading and I am sorry if this post is not your thing but I have truly had my gears ground.

So yesterday we took Louis ( Jack Russell Puppy) who I am 100% sure I have mentioned before on a walk with Tina's doggy Ellie who is a one year old Black Labrador. Louis and Ellie have met before but were very excited to see each other. We planned on walking through a field near my house and onto a walking route but when we got there a farmer had just turned up with a load of sheep and baby Lambs which were very cute but this meant that the dogs would have to stay on the lead for most of the walk which I don't enjoy and neither does Louis so we headed to a different walk.
 For most of the walk the dogs were well behaved, Ellie is generally more cheeky than Louis but nothing uncontrollable. Ellie loves to get into ponds and rivers and generally get herself and the rest of us covered in mud.

While on the walk we met a lady who was walking a Staffie dog both of our dogs went up to greet the Staffie which is normal dog behaviour ( the dog did not have a yellow ribbon or anything to signify that it should not be approached)  and the lady started shouting at us saying that the Staffie was going to bite my dog and then there would be nothing she could do. The Lady made it difficult for me to call back Louis who is a puppy and still learning to come back when shouted, She was shouting so he was distracted and did not respond to my calls straight away. 

I called Louis back but I was disgusted at what the lady had said. Basically her dog would attack my dog and she could not stop that from happening. The Staffie was not wearing a muzzle nor did the lady have control of his lead so in my opinion she should not have a dog that she can not handle. 
Louis was clearly unaffected by the drama and he and Ellie shared a giant stick much to our amusement. I think it is owners like that who give Staffies a bad name. If the dog was a vicious dog, which giving credit to the dog it did not seem to be and was not showing aggressive behaviour toward Louis in my opinion, she should of had better control.

Rant over!

Em x

Thursday, 6 March 2014

And Im feeeling Good!

Hi Guys,

I have been a bit lost for the last few days not having much to do with anything because I was feeling so rotten with the stinking cold I am just getting over but today I feel much much better Hooray!! 

I am also in a celebratory mood as in exactly 35 weeks I will be on an aeroplane to sunny Barbados ( the birth place or Rhianna) to enjoy my friends wedding. Now I know I keep on about this but I just cant help it. Have you ever been so excited that you feel like you might explode? That is what I feel like! Like a kid on Christmas eve (or lets be honest like me on Christmas eve). 
I am seriously winding my friend up by continuously reminding her about Barbados which is essentially reminding her about her up and coming wedding day which she doesn't feel prepared for and so I am kind of making her panic which I don't want to do. 
On a side note I have completed the creation of our wedding centre pieces for our wedding. this is something we have been struggling with as lots of pieces involve flowers which I am not a huge fan of so we wanted something simple. we have gone for fish bowls with floating candles.   

Em x

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Poorly :(

So two days ago I started to feel a bit under the weather dizzy and sick but thought nothing of it and carried on! Now however I am full of a cold, feeling like rubbish and having to go to work. Everybody keeps saying phone in sick but is a cold really reason enough to call in sick? I would still be feeling rubbish at home so I may as well be earning a few pennies for it. 
When you have a cold nothing makes you feel better, I am taking Beechams cold and flu tablets which don't seem to be doing anything. I am beginning to think maybe I have Man Flu!.

Here are a few suggestions that people have been sharing since I got my cold.

1. Blow your nose. - obviously! this does provide a very short term relief until I am all blocked up again.
2. Have a hot bath or shower - I had a really hot bath last night and honestly it was great the steam cleared my sinuses and made me feel a lot better.
3. Stay warm - this is a must, It would be horrible to be cold and poorly at the same time
4. Sweat it out - Sounds gross but must help speed up the process.

Anyway I'm sure there are lots of people with colds at the moment and I hope these few little tips helped

Em x