Thursday, 26 December 2013

Logo Billionaire Review

Yesterday was Christmas and as a tradition at the night time we play board games in the evening. One of us usually gets a new board game as a gift and that is the game we play. This year it was Logo Billionaire.

I had seen this game advertised and if i'm honest i was not very excited about it.

We popped the box open and got going, like all new games it was complicated to begin with. Nobody really understood the rules and what we were supposed to be doing. The aim of the game is to create companies and earn a Billion (I think).

We muddled through and after a little while and a little wine we were beginning to enjoy ourselves. 

In all I will not say that this is my favourite game it is no contest Monopoly wins every time but it could be more fun if you have a proper sit down with the rules.

EM X  

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Working on Christmas day

For those of you who like me are working on Christmas day or have worked Christmas day this year and are feeling a little bit glum about it, Cheer up.

For those of you who like me have had a strop and a paddy about having to be professional and wear anything other than pyjamas on this day that should be dedicated to getting drunk eating chocolate and stuffing our faces, Don't be sad.

To begin with i hated the idea that I had to work, I work in a hotel you see and we do not close EVER!! I did not want to read about how every one was enjoying themselves on facebook and how many presents everyone had because I was miserable. So far though my Christmas has actually turned out great, I got up early and opened my presents for my Fiance and my Mum and Dad ( Brothers included) . I opened the presents that my crazy family had got for my puppy. Had some Breakfast ( Crumpets - YUM) and set off to work.

Everybody is in the Christmas spirit and it has made working not so bad.

At 3 pm when I finish I will be heading over to My Fiancés parents to have dinner and open more presents. There will be food and games and surprises i'm sure.

I get to see my family on Boxing day to eat more food, play more games and give them their presents ( which i love doing just as much receiving gifts).

I guess the moral of my little post is to make the most out of a bad situation, Having to work has made the time i am at home more special.

for those of you that do not have to work today MERRY CHRISTMAS

and those of us that do MERRY CHRISTMAS WEEK :) 

EM x      

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Puppy Day one

So our first night went a little like this.

We bought a puppy collar to get Louis used to wearing a collar for walks and things. He let me put it on him and was excited when I got his lead on but once i started trying to walk (more like a drag) he point blank refused, he was a little easier once we had gotten him outside but he still was not happy about it. Louis spent the next half an hour figuring out different was to try and remove his collar 

I have a new little shadow, i first noticed when I got up to make a drink that Louis had gone quiet which made me suspicious as to what he was up to, I found him sat just behind me staring at me. Louis sits outside the bathroom, the Bedroom, the Kitchen everywhere I go he wants to be.

Louis invented a new game yesterday, mostly it involves pouncing on nothing on the floor but in my fingers are dangling over the edge of the sofa then they become the target for a pounce too. We also like to pick up the Puppy Pads and carry them around in his mouth until I take it off him and put it back, he has not used the Puppy Pads to wee on yet they are just a fun toy. hopefully he can figure out what they are for soon enough.

During my attempts to get Louis to go to the toilet out in the garden I have discovered my puppy hates it outside, he just stands at the door begging me to let him go back inside. he will not do his business out there yet or play or stay out there with out crying. He does enjoy seeing his reflection in the door on the glass on the way in though.

Last night was his first night sleeping with us. I decided to let him sleep in the front room in a crate as that is where I want him long term, To be honest I was expecting it to be a huge nightmare. When I went to bed i tried to make as little fuss as possible so that he didn't get concerned, once i had left the room he cried a lot. I felt really bad but stayed in bed until he had stopped then realising i needed the loo i had to get up. Louis started to bark at me as he saw me head to the bathroom - I assume he was frightened as it was dark and he hadn't barked at me before. He stopped once he had realised it was me and I headed back to bed after a few more cries he went to sleep and i heard nothing all night.

 This morning we i found he had a wee on his Puppy pad but otherwise no mess. He was super excited to see me so much so he just wanted to lick me all morning.

Em x

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Exciting new addition to the clan

We Have a new puppy

We planned on getting a miniature daxi as they are super cute! honestly google them now if you don't know what they look like I had chosen the puppy I wanted to view and was all set to go get him. A couple viewed him before I did and snatched him up.
While browsing through the puppy pages I came across a lovely looking Jack Russell I showed the page to my fiancé and we went to meet him. The farm that the pup was born on is an hour away from my house so we arranged an appointment and went to view the pup this morning. 
The Farmer brought the puppy out and he instantly snuggled into my neck - it was love. We paid the man and took the dog, however Louis (the puppies new name) has not had any injections yet so it will be a little while before I can take him out for walkies. So far Louis is a very good boy he goes for a wee outside and has not chewed or barked (We will see how long that lasts). 

Pictures will follow :)

Em x

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Book Writing

I would love to be crafty like many of the other bloggers but i was gifted with musical talent instead. 

I am however gifted with a great imagination ( I am just not very good at putting a plan into action) so long story short.....

I am thinking of taking up writing. I wanted to write for fun. I was kind of inspired by the series i am reading at the moment by Addison Moore. 
it made me feel like i could do this too.

So what i am wondering is if any of you guys write? Any tips?

Em x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Things that scare me when I am by myself at night time!

So last night Jon (my fiancé) was working nights and it was my first night in our new flat. We are still moving things over from our old flat and so we do not have the television on the wall. I do not usually watch a lot of television especially in the evening so I did not turn it on and here is what I realised......

I am a huge wimp!!!

Here is a list of everything that scared me.

* shadows
* that it was too quiet
* there were unusual noises
* lots of corners that bad men could hide behind
* Noises I made myself
*my phone ringing

Obviously I was a very nervous person last night but I don't know how I would cope if something actually scary happened!

What scares you at night time?

Em x

Sunday, 8 December 2013

All in

Just a quick update!!!
We are now all in our new apartment, which is brilliant. So far we have had very few problems the one main problem however is that we bought a fridge from Currys and got it home unwrapped it and it was a freezer :@ aaaarrrrrrrgggggh. Not to worry though as we have time to take it back in and hopefully get the fridge that we wanted.

The new apartment is warm and bigger than our previous flat and the neighbours are very very quiet which is good for us as Jon works nights so needs it very quiet for him to sleep.

I am very excited to be in and I am sure everything will look great once we have unpacked properly and all of our things are up on the walls and in the drawers.

Em x

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Getting Keys

As i mentioned in an earlier post i am moving house. tomorrow we will be receiving the keys to our new place and we can begin moving everything in.

Today we began to pack everything up into boxes ready for the move over. I was amazed that my whole life was being packed up and moved. 

Moving house is a very exciting time and me and Jon will hopefully be making a home together for the next few years. (including the new little puppy we plan on getting).

Em X

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


This weekend me, my fiancé and our best friends took a trip to Manchester. We went to see the market which was very festive but extremely busy, we were literally walking around like sardines. 

I met up with my Nana, Auntie and Cousin. We found out that my cousin is having a baby!!!!! so very exciting. we had a lovely lunch and did a lot of catching up as since i moved down south i don't see my family as much any more.

I think that Manchester is the best place to do Christmas shopping and catch up with friends. 

We ate dinner at a very funky TGI Fridays and ended the night in club AXM which is an amazing place to be cheesy!!


EM x

Exciting News

So we have been having a few problems with the apartment that we rent at the moment. To name a few : Guttering, Damp and a very rude and unhelpful landlord. So long story short we started to look for a new place yesterday. 

we were looking for a bigger place that allows pets. We were thinking it would take at least a month or two. we viewed three apartments and one of them was perfect!!!!!

We decided to go for it. so hopefully we will have a new and improved place before Christmas, I would agree if you said that it would be a stressful time it will be but it will be very exciting and lovely to be in a brand new place :) 

Em x

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Monday, 2 December 2013

Roller skating disaster

Me and a friend have been looking at fun ways to work out without having to go to the gym. She came up with the idea of roller skating at a roller disco. 

Now to be honest I wasn't very excited as I'm not very good at ice skating and I imagined it would be much of the same. 

We arrived at the venue and bought our tickets, swapped my comfy converse for some not so comfy blue roller skates. The hall was set out like a school disco everyone was sat around the edges so I got up. 

Slowly I started to skate around the ring. About halfway around I lost control and fell to the ground. I landed straight on my tail bone owch. I got up and carried on with both my bottom and my ego bruised. 

After the incident I continued skating And had lots of fun I would recommend it to anyone wanting a fun way keep fit..